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helpExpert help with your Council Tax dispute can be very difficult to come across – there’s always been a lack of independent, expert, places where you can get the help you need however LGFA92’s Council Tax paralegal advisor is here to change that.

Using our expert Council Tax knowledge we can assist and guide you through your Council Tax problems to try and obtain the final outcome you want.

What we are able to help you with

LGFA92 are the experts in Council Tax disputes- with over a decade in the industry we understand what is needed to help you with your Council Tax problems.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a business or an individual our specialist Council Tax advisor can help.

Whether it’s a Council Tax liability dispute,  a Council Tax discount dispute or a general Council Tax dispute that you’re not sure about then contact us today and we can see what we can do to help.

What can I do to help my Council Tax problem ?

Being able to deal effectively deal with most Council tax problems is simply down to knowing what you need to do. There a few easy steps which you can take which can help you.

  1. Ensure that you know when to get expert assistance from our Council Tax advisor.
  2. Make sure that you speak to the Council and ascertain what the actual problem is. Many times the problem is simply one of confusion and speaking with them can quickly sort the problem out.
  3. Be open and honest with them. Not being open and honest simply delays the matter and, ultimately, can lead to unwanted legal action being taken against you.
  4. Do everything in a timely manner. The longer anything is left the more chance there is that information is either going to be difficult to find or be treat suspiciously by the council. It also increases the chance that legal action will be taken against you.
  5. Keep good records. It’s much easier to have the information you need if the records you keep are comprehensive, accurate and up to date.
  6. Ask for the right thing. It’s no good asking about an exemption when you actually mean a discount. Confusing them can lead to you not getting what you want.
    1. A disregard is given to a person where it is determined they should not be taken in to account for Council Tax purposes. For example, a full-time student.
    2. A discount is given where sufficient residents have been disregarded to reduce the charge. For example, a 25% discount where one of the two adults resident has been disregarded.
      A discount may also be given in some cases where there are no residents in the property. For example, a property that is standing empty.
    3. An exemption can be given in some cases where all of the residents are disregarded , student households being a common example, or in some cases where a property is standing empty.
  7. Know how and when you can dispute the action taken by the council.

Advice & Assistance from LGFA92

Good quality help with your Council Tax dispute can be hard to come across – there’s a lack of independent, expert, places where you can get the help you need however LGFA92’s specialist Council Tax advisor is here to change that.

Contact us today. Email us at [email protected], Call our Council Tax helpline on 0191 6451118.

This website is solely the view of LGFA92, the Council Tax specialists , based on our interpretation of legislation. Your local authority is free to dispute this view. A binding decision may require the intervention of a valuation tribun


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