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03 July 2019 – Further powers to collect employment details

Local Authorities are trailing powers to request employment details from HMRC where these details are needed in order to issue an Attachment of Earnings Order for council tax enforcement purposes

06 June 2019 – Voluntary Council Tax payments

Kensington and Chelsea council are reportedly going to create a voluntary scheme that requests people who are in higher banded property to pay an additional amount of Council Tax.

04 June 2019 – New property tax and landlord liability for paying

A report by the Labour Party suggests that they are, once, again considering a policy of replacing Council Tax with a new Property Tax. This Property Tax would be based on the value of the land, rather than the just the dwelling, and would be regularly updated unlike the current Council Tax scheme.

The proposed system would include a number of specific procedural changes when compared to the existing scheme – firstly, that the Property Tax would be set at a national, rather than a local, level and secondly, that the owner/landlord of the property would be responsible for paying the Property Tax (Similar to the HMO system under Council Tax).