Backdating, discount, exemption or Council Tax liability dispute ? As the experts in local taxation LGFA92 are able to offer a range of services to those with a Council Tax problem for those in need of help. With a proven track of record of disputing and winning cases we are able to give you the support you need.

  • Initial Consultation

    When contacted with a query LGFA92 are able to offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION (typically 10-15 minutes) to advise on the merits of the issue at hand and whether or not we think we can assist. As part of this we may need to ask for copies of documents to be emailed to us.

  • Full Consultation or Dispute Drafting

    Once we have been able to advise on the merits of your Council Tax problem LGFA92 can be commissioned either to provide our written advice by way of a full consultation or, more commonly, we will draft a written letter of dispute for use with the council. In many cases it only takes the one letter but we can be requested to deal any further correspondence in the matter, if that is required.

    If a Valuation Tribunal Appeal is being considered then it is essential that the statutory process is followed and therefore our letters will include the relevant notification to the council so that the next stage of action can be expedited, if needed.

  • Lodging a Valuation Tribunal Appeal

    Where everything has been done correctly and you are still aggrieved with the decision then LGFA92 can make the initial application to a Valuation Tribunal for you.

  • Drafting a Valuation Tribunal Appeal submission

    If no outcome can be mutually sorted before the Valuation Tribunal then LGFA92 are able to draft your submission for use at the Valuation Tribunal.


Bespoke Services

In cases where the usual route of dealing with a Council Tax issue is not appropriate then LGFA92 will be able to advise further and may be able to offer alternative solutions.

  •      Council Tax payers

We know that as non-professionals many people are not experts in Council Tax. LFGA92 are able to use our considerable expertise to take the strain off and resolve your query for you.

  •      Landlords

LGFA92 understand and appreciate how landlords are affected by Council Tax law and we can tailor our services accordingly. We know that your time is valuable and unnecessary expenses are costly so we work to save you money.

  •      Formal Complaints and Local Government Ombudsman Complaints

LGFA92 are able to deal with the drafting of complaints and, where needed, drafting of Local Government Ombudsman complaints.